We engineer true CBD micro emulsions that maximize the effects of hemp extract by delivering it straight into the bloodstream using Quicksilver Delivery System® liposome technology

Our newest product, NANOCALM 300 is 3x more effective and 6x stronger than anything currently on the market

Micro-emulsions comprised of particles larger than 100 nanometers are too large for effective intra-oral (sublingual) absorption.

The telltale sign of these ineffective "gross emulsions" is a milky, opaque solution, which separates and falls apart in a centrifuge, indicating stability for food products nutraceuticals, like NANOCALM.

Properly engineered micro-emulsions will be clear. This means the particles are smaller than wavelengths of light. Solutions like this absorb into the bloodstream by passing through cells in the oral cavity, therefore bypassing the GI tract.

NANOCALM Stronger & Faster-Acting than any other Liquid Hemp (CBD) Extract Available:

  • All-natural
  • Groundbreaking nanotechnology
  • All natural ingredients
  • Smokeless and instantly therapeutic.
  • Sublingual Nano Serum- tiny, lipid-encapsulated droplets that absorb under the tongue
  • Stronger and faster acting than any other liquid CBD solution
Stronger & Faster-Acting than any other
Liquid Hemp product on the market